Ways to give feedback

There are two channels:
  1. TestFlight
    Anonymous by default, unless you use the email subchannel.

  2. Facebook Group "Fluorine Alpha"
    Not anonymous, unless you join acting as a Facebook Page which you control anonymously.

To give feedback via Testflight, see the descriptions on the Apple web page about TestFlight, in the section Giving Feedback, but just the three subsections with "iOS 13 or later" in the title.

To give feedback via the Facebook Group, click the link to Fluorine Alpha, then click the Join button.
The main advantage of using the Facebook Group is that you can discuss issues and ideas with other tester/reviewers. (In order to discover deficiencies in the user interface and documentation, there will be minimal or no "official" responses.)


  • "Looks great!" Nice to hear, but not actually helpful.
  • "Does not work." Details please!
  • "No problems." You did not have time to look; perfectly understandable.
  • "Boooooring!!!" Would like to know what you would change to make it exciting.
  • "Ugly" Agreed, and thank you very much for the improved sketch.
  • "Needs less content like Mond101 and more like Dice201." Will do! A complete list of liked/disliked content would be really valuable.