How to get started

  1. The game codenamed Fluorine is delivered to you by an Apple app called TestFlight.
  2. TestFlight is like a simplified App Store with some test-specific features. If you are familiar with using TestFlight with codes, this is different: no code is required, just the link provided below.
  3. To get TestFlight or Fluorine for the first time, click the link below (at line 6) on an iPhone or iPad (iOS/iPadOS 15 or later).
  4. If TestFlight is not on your iPhone or iPad, you will be taken to the App Store to get it. Once installed, do not open TestFlight—in spite of the App Store's invitation to do so:

    Instead, come back here to tap the link at 6. again. A newly-installed TestFlight app does not contain the app to be tested until you click the invitation link (line 6) and the link is opened by the TestFlight app.
  5. The number of test players/reviewers is limited; if there are no available tester positions, please check back later, or email to ask to be added.
  6. The link to Fluorine for TestFlight:
    ↑ tap this link (on an iOS/iPadOS 15+ device) TWO times:
    1. first to get TestFlight installed and
    2. then later again to launch Fluorine for the first time.