Great! Let's make sure...
  ...this is right for you.

Have you played any of the following?

Yes Tetris®No?
Yes Candy Crush®No?
Yes PinballNo?
Yes "things falling..."No?

Indicate familiarity with at least one to continue.

You are the right kind of person to take a look at the game being developed as Project Fluorine.
You will be told as little as possible about the game in advance, because one goal of this survey is to find out if players understand what to do, without any prior instructions.
The game is not yet complete, and it certainly has bugs. The content is for test purposes, so it may not be very entertaining. You will, however, be able to provide ideas that may be incorporated to make it more fun.
Most valuable would be to write down and report all your thoughts, feelings, and actions as you figure out how to play.
Yes I want to be an early stage test player for Project FluorineNo?

If you indicate that you are interested, you will be shown how to get hold of it. Your name and email will not be required.