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Privacy Policy

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Email address and phone number will only be used for responding to the contact message (if at all).

Contact message may be quoted or paraphrased, without attribution (i.e. anonymously), on this site or in a support forum, issue tracker, or for promotional purposes.


This website may use cookies for basic anonymous traffic analytics. If such cookies are in use, you will see an alert and will be able to opt out of being located and counted.

Who we share your data with

 Message content concerning ideas and issues may be shared (without your identity or contact information) with support forum users and with developers and testers. The persons in the role of handling incoming contact forms can see the information in associated form.

How long we retain your data

Contact form information may be retained in associated form indefinitely within the website system, where system administrators may have access to it. If a contact response needs to use an email address or phone number, that contact information will be disposed of within a few days of the end of the dialog. The technical substance of the exchange may be retained indefinitely in an issue tracking system.